Whiny, moan-y DJ

The DJ…he is sick. But is it Mengele Virus-level sickness or just average, pedestrian, “we were too lame to cure the common cold” sick? Give a listen, feel sad for the DJ, and find out fo yosmelf!

Straight Jacket Apocalypse

The DJ ponders if madness might be the only thing to get us through the nightmare of the Mengele Virus.

Elvis has entered the apocalypse

That’s right, ladies and gentlement of the Zombie Radio Nation, Elvis Presley has taken over the airwaves.

Kids these days!

The DJ gets a caller in from Boston to report in about crazy kids crashing the apocalypse party!

Steampunk (r)Evolution

The DJ opines on the idea that maybe it’s time for man to (d)evolve into a steampunk world in order to save our race.

Top Ten Shenanigans

The DJ has a brand new top ten list for the listeners of Zombie Radio: Top Ten Things I Am Glad The Apocalypse Rid Us Of!

Fifty Shades of Hurl

In which the Zombie Radio DJ recites a bit of classic literature for a moment of distraction from the undead nightmare.

Government abandonment

The DJ wonders, “Where have the military gone?” and realizes the apocalypse has proved the government abandoned us a long, long, long time ago.

You can’t tax the dead

The DJ celebrates Uncle Sam’s cold, undead hand that can no longer reach into the pocket of the ‘Merican people and steal their hard earned coin.

Futurepast…and present

The Zombie Radio DJ ponders why the human race couldn’t have avoided the apocalypse when it had every chance to learn from its futurepast…and present!

Pop Tastic

The Zombie Radio DJ creeps on some pop music lyrics to see if he can twist the words into horrific nightmares.

Snow to the Nootch!

Has the DJ lost his mind, thanks to the never-ending crush of snow? He may have — but his thoughts on Mother Nature vs. the Zero Day Collective, might bring you a bit of hope.

Suck my VD

The DJ ponders the relevance of Valentines Day and reads you a Sonnet by Shakespeare. He also proclaims February 15th to be a new, hate-filled holiday!  

The Suffering And Silence

The DJ takes a moment to read from the Bible of the New World Order — I Zombie I. Listen closely, as silence may be the key to your salvation. Purchase your copy of I Zombie I and dive into Continue reading

Dan Wooten of 40OzFist on the phone

The DJ has a quick call with 40OzFist frontman, Dan Wooten! Get your metal on \m/ Find out more about 40OzFist on Facebook and check out their music on Soundcloud.

The tooth of doom

In which the DJ deals with a broken tooth. Cry with him, Zombie Radio Nation. Suffer through his pain and make him whole again.

Find your safe place

The Zombie Radio DJ ponders on the safe place. Where is yours? On a beach? In a basement? In the arms of those you love? If you are video-centric, you can watch this episode in zombo-rama-vision! If not, hit the Continue reading


The Zombie Book of the Month Club penned some wonderful Zombie Haiku for the DJ. Listen to him get his poem on in this latest episode of Zombie Poetry!

New Year, Same Fear

In which the DJ goes off on why the New Years celebration is no longer relevant and how it is time for us to stand up and take back the power.