Teenage Wasteland

teenage_wasteland“Once again Jack Wallen weaves a tale that captivates you and is impossible to put down. I read late into the night to finish this gem!! In fact, I used Kindle Unlimited for it but am purchasing so that I always have it!”

“How can I really put into words just how awesome this book is?? This reminds me of The Breakfast Club meeting Walking Dead.”

The apocalypse has become a playground for the surviving youth in this Young Adult spin off of Jack Wallen’s I Zombie series. A ragtag collection of teenagers scrape and scramble about the apocalyptic landscape to survive and bring what little joy they can back to existence.

In the first entry to this new series, we follow Jingo, Mikko, Kubrick, Nicco, Fay, and Frenzy as they fight against the odds to save themselves and the other young inhabitants of Asylum.

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