Zombie Radio 2

zombie_radio_2_cover_final“As per usual Jack has hit it out of the ballpark with this story. His I Zombie universe is a spectacular example of the uniqueness and creativity that seems to erupt from his mind, body, and soul. I love that he has decided to single out the WZMB DJ and delve deeper into his story. He is a very intriguing character leading a very interesting life attempting to save humankind all while dodging the Zero Day Collective, humans corrupted by the lack of society, and last but not least the undead hordes that roam the entire planet cracking open brainpans and feasting upon the pink fleshy goodness within. Everybody who is anybody MUST take some time to immerse themselves into the world designed by the creatively perverse mind of one of the best writers in the Horror genre Jack (The Zombie King) Wallen!!!”

For those about to rot, I salute you!

You’re listening to WZMB, Zombie Radio; your personal soundtrack … to … the … end of the world.

He’s back and ready to rock your apocalypse like no other. This time, the DJ has a crew — metal band 40OzFist and a smoking hot female that just might win the heart of the one man capable of uniting the I Zombie universe into a rocking, cohesive whole.

Turn on, tune in, and look over your shoulder.

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