T-Minus Zero

“This is about the craziest idea I have ever read about, but so true to Wallen’s style. I enjoyed all the I Zombie books in a row, but this one sure tied them together and put things way out there. I will definitely read more of these books and anxiously await their arrival.”

“Very well written! Once I started the book it was impossible to put it down. It blended in well with the other books in the series. I would love to see these books turned into movies.”

Lights! Camera! Zombies!

In this prequel to the I Zombie series, the Zero Day Collective hires an award-winning director and Hollywood film crew to document the first-ever release of the Mengele Virus. The small city of Templeton spirals into the zombie abyss as the cameras roll on a much anticipated blockbuster horror movie.

Before Jacob, before Bethany, before the Obliterator and Zombie Radio came the flickering lights, the blood curdling screams and the first of the walking dead.

Death is ready for its close up… are you?”

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