In which the DJ warns that power shouldn’t be given to someone just because they wear a suit.  

Never Trust A Suit

In which the Zombie Radio DJ laments missing out on summertime … thanks to the undead horde.  

I Miss Summertime

In which the Zombie Radio DJ reacts to seeing someone do something very, very … apocalyptic-ally   stupid.  

Apocalyptic-ally Stupid

In which the DJ reacts to seeing a naked zombie in the street. Where there’s a metaphor, there’s a way.  

Naked And Not Afraid

In which the Zombie Radio DJ talks about depression.  

On Depression

In which the Zombie Radio DJ ponders the question, “How does humankind always manage to put itself in such situations?”  

How Did We Get Here?

The Zombie Radio DJ steps up on his post apocalyptic soapbox to declare how much we need art and artists to help us survive the undead nightmare.  

Why We Need Artists

In which the Zombie Radio DJ not only realizes another silver lining to the apocalypse, he comes up with a brilliant idea.  

Apocalyptic Tax Break

Whatever could it be? A taco truck, driven by zombies? Or a taco truck serving up hot, undead treats? Listen to the latest from the Zombie Radio DJ.  

Zombie Taco Truck

In which the Zombie Radio DJ makes a vow to himself to seek out friendship … when the apocalyptic dust settles.  

A Vow To Friendship

In which the Zombie Radio DJ implores his listeners, that once the apocalypse has faded into a dusty memory, humanity must return to being social creatures.  

Alone We Break