Fry Zombie Fry

fry_zombie_fry_cover“Mr. Wallen does it again. This is an action packed addition the awesome I Zombie I series. Bethany and her team finally get to meet Dr. Gerrand and the crazy and scary ordeals get crazier and scarier. One person on the team is kidnapped. (read it to find out who) There are also introductions of new dangerous and evil characters. Once you pick this one up, you will not put it down until the end and then you will be screaming for more. Thank you Mr. Wallen.”

“Amazing book from one of my most favourite authors. Jack Wallen has once again written a fantastic instalment into Bethany’s journey. Every character is intriguing, every chapter pure brilliance. The I zombie Series is absolute genius – a unique take on the Zombie Apocalypse by the ZombieKing himself.”

The apocalypse continues to rip humanity apart as Dr. Richard Gerrand, the man responsible for creating the Mengele virus, attempts to make good on his promise to save the world—with Fry.

A cure.
A weapon.
A cradle.

Unfortunately, for Bethany Nitshimi and her crew of misfit survivors, the undead are not the only enemy coming at them. This time around something darker waits in the shadows… something alive with one mantra, Do what thou wilt, shall be the whole of the law.

Hail the apocalypse!

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