reunion_cover“This tale of 2 lovers separated by the apocalypse is really well written from both authors, written as alternate chapters from him and her, telling of their view point, with cross over phone calls and text messages to help each other out.

The style of writing makes this really engaging read and the serial release is going to make this a story i enjoy for a long time. At such a low price you can’t go wrong.”

Ripped from the pages of Jack Wallen’s I Zombie series, Reunion follows two lovers, separated by thousands of miles and millions of the undead, as they attempt to reunite in a world devastated by the Mengele Virus.

Love is hope.

The apocalypse will do everything in its power to keep both love and hope at bay. Rock star, Trey Hawkins and his fiance, physicist Erica Fulton, fight the undead, the elements, and a rising tide of suffering in this exciting new serial by Jack Wallen and Thea Gregory.

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