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“Fantastic story that continues the I Zombie I series. If you haven’t read 1-6, you definately need to. Mr. Wallen weaves a world that will completely engulf your mind and thoughts. This is such a great continuation of the journey for survival for Bethany and the group. The different zombies and their evolution will blow everything you thought you knew or have read about zombies. Thank you Jack Wallen, excellent read.”

“This may be one of the best in the series. So many twist and turns and more than one unlikely or should I say unforeseen team-ups.”

Going once.
Going twice.
Sold to the highest bidder.

Chaos has spread its deadly fingers deep into the fabric of humanity and Bethany Nitshimi must keep company with enemies to restore order. As control unravels, the undead evolve and the one thing standing in the way of survival is a cure on the auction block.

With Doctor Richard Gerrand on their side, Bethany and company are on the cusp of global salvation. But is the price for victory too high?

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