A sniff of Hewlett Fen-Chang

The Zombie Radio DJ gets a call from zombie survivor Hewlett Fen-Chang with some interesting thoughts on how to survive the zombie apocalypse.

After the broadcast, watch the Zombie Survival Tip video.

About Paul Loh (creator of the Hewlett Fen-Chang character): I am a singer/songwriter/stand-up comedian/novelist. These are my vitriolic vituperations on the vicissitudes of life, chronicling my struggles with bipolar disorder as I grow mentally, emotionally and spiritually through self-examination, meditation and observation of the world around me. This blog is at once a journal, therapy session, meditation, some infectious invectives and a record of my life with this disorder…..and zombies!

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And thank you to Mike Cooley for recording some serious riffs for me to play under the WZMB call letters!

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