If you fall

The DJ reminds the audience that, if they fall, there will always be something there to pick you up.

Zombie Radio is proud to spotlight Lexington Kentucky’s own, All The Little Pieces.

all the little pieces plays experimental rock with blues, country and jazz influences. Their singer is only 12, that’s right 12 years old. Not only does she write their originals, her uninhibited, soulful performance style and voice have been compared to Maria McKee, Janis Joplin, Norah Jones and even Jack White. The band has been together for a year now. They are ready to conquer the world!

Lead Vocals: Rhyan Sprague

Drummer: Chris Jones

Lead Guitar:Thomas Suggs

Violin: Emily Miller

Bass: Billy Thomas

To learn more about All The Little Pieces, check out there Reverb Nation page and their Facebook page. And, as always, support indie artists!