Wishing for B SciFi

In which the DJ wishes the apocalypse was nothing more than B SciFi movie.

And introducing the band that just might out Paramore, Paramore — Adora! Learn more about this up and coming dark-punk band from Chicago on their websiteand follow them on Twitter.


Staring in early 2010, Adora takes foot in the underground Chicago music scene consisting of vocalist Stormie Radtke, guitarist Michael Drew, pianist Keith Pink, and drummer Chris Eckstrum. The band has been writing and growing as a four-piece, putting out classy grooves with catchy, dark hooks. Casey Bates, Ed Littman, Matt Dalton, and D.R.U.G.S. vocalist, Craig Owens, are renowned engineers that took producing roles of the band’s first EP titled “Save Yourself.” The band hit hard on the stage later that year at a sold out House Of Blues performance. They followed up playing at HOB Chicago by playing throughout 2011 at Chicago Metro, Double Door, Cornerstone Festival, and many other venues and events in the city. Adora continues to gather support in the states and across the globe in countries like the United Kingdom, Indonesia, Mexico, Canada. These countries play a big role in supporting the young group’s international record sales. Adora’s music video for “Save Yourself” made appearances on the Fuse television network, Xfinity Music On Demand, and MTVu. The single also enjoyed airtime on Q101, Delta Airline radio, and other international radio stations. Articles and interviews about Adora can be found online, as well as in AP magazine and the Chicago Tribune.

With a rapidly growing fan-base and positive mood, the band released their second EP titled “One Word” on iTunes March 6, 2012. They also recieved news that the single “Skeleton” from this EP was selected to be on the Rock Band Network. They’re continuing to gain momentum in the Chicago music scene and plan to branch out to other cities in 2012.