From Toque, with love

In which the DJ gets a phone call from The Last Casket and everyone’s favorite proprietor from the Great White North…Toque.

Death of an Undead Salesman

In which the DJ hears a rap, rap, rapping at his door. This episode of Zombie Radio features the Louisville death metal band, Sadistic Creator.

The Unluck Of The Irish

In which the DJ does a spot of role playing as he wonders what it would be like if a zombie attached an Irishman.

Zombies And Social Media

In which the DJ spies a man among zombies (or a zombie among men) with his nose glued to his phone.

The new world family order

In which the DJ chimes in on the new world order of “Family”. This episode of Zombie Radio is dedicated to my parents, Jack and Versa Wallen, both of which who passed away in 2015. You were very much loved Continue reading

New Years Day: Apocalyptic Style

In which the DJ offers up a few ways to ring in the new year…apocalyptic style!

The Dream…perhaps

In which the DJ is caught napping and having a recursive dream. Ah recursion. And donuts.

A cold still sucks

Even in the apocalypse, the DJ proclaims a cold still sucks (with the bonus of getting to hear him imitate a zombie with a cold)!

Awake And Live

In which the DJ calls out for the Zombie Radio Nation to awaken their souls and come together, as a race of human beings, to take down the terrorists known as the Zero Day Collective.