You are not alone

In which the Zombie Radio DJ reminds all the lovely ladies and gentlemens in the Zombie Radio Nation that they are not now nor every shall be alone.

Lettuce Pray

In which the DJ wonders if zombies head are, as Mike Patton might have eluded to, like lettuce. Could the dead be a walking buffet? Lettuce Pray.

Heroes and caffeine

In which the Zombie Radio DJ chats about heroes and caffeine. If you more visually inclined, watch the Heroes and caffeine episode and then watch the DJ off air in the latest Zombie Radio TV!

Celebrate Freedom from fear

In which the Zombie Radio DJ decides Independence day should from now on have a new meaning. And for those that would like to enjoy Zombie Radio in full-on stereophonic, 3D hyperscopic cinema, head on over here to enjoy Zombie Continue reading

Stupid is as stupid always does

In which the DJ reacts to ignorance calling in. Pure, unadulterated ignorance.

Zombeavering of the planet

In which the Zombie Radio DJ considers the idea that the moral compass of the human race might well be guided by a zombeaver.

Whiny, moan-y DJ

The DJ…he is sick. But is it Mengele Virus-level sickness or just average, pedestrian, “we were too lame to cure the common cold” sick? Give a listen, feel sad for the DJ, and find out fo yosmelf!

Straight Jacket Apocalypse

The DJ ponders if madness might be the only thing to get us through the nightmare of the Mengele Virus.

Elvis has entered the apocalypse

That’s right, ladies and gentlement of the Zombie Radio Nation, Elvis Presley has taken over the airwaves.

Kids these days!

The DJ gets a caller in from Boston to report in about crazy kids crashing the apocalypse party!

Steampunk (r)Evolution

The DJ opines on the idea that maybe it’s time for man to (d)evolve into a steampunk world in order to save our race.

Fifty Shades of Hurl

In which the Zombie Radio DJ recites a bit of classic literature for a moment of distraction from the undead nightmare.

Government abandonment

The DJ wonders, “Where have the military gone?” and realizes the apocalypse has proved the government abandoned us a long, long, long time ago.

You can’t tax the dead

The DJ celebrates Uncle Sam’s cold, undead hand that can no longer reach into the pocket of the ‘Merican people and steal their hard earned coin.