The new world family order

In which the DJ chimes in on the new world order of “Family”. This episode of Zombie Radio is dedicated to my parents, Jack and Versa Wallen, both of which who passed away in 2015. You were very much loved Continue reading

New Years Day: Apocalyptic Style

In which the DJ offers up a few ways to ring in the new year…apocalyptic style!

The Dream…perhaps

In which the DJ is caught napping and having a recursive dream. Ah recursion. And donuts.

A cold still sucks

Even in the apocalypse, the DJ proclaims a cold still sucks (with the bonus of getting to hear him imitate a zombie with a cold)!

Awake And Live

In which the DJ calls out for the Zombie Radio Nation to awaken their souls and come together, as a race of human beings, to take down the terrorists known as the Zero Day Collective.

A better time for zombies

In which the DJ hearkens back to a period of innocence and how a Public Service Announcement about zombies from the fifties might have gone down.

This good thing called apocalypse

In which the DJ receives a call from a man stating the apocalypse was just what the human race needed.

In the Fry of the storm

In which the Zombie Radio DJ makes a major announcement about a possible cure for the Mengele virus!

You are not alone

In which the Zombie Radio DJ reminds all the lovely ladies and gentlemens in the Zombie Radio Nation that they are not now nor every shall be alone.

Lettuce Pray

In which the DJ wonders if zombies head are, as Mike Patton might have eluded to, like lettuce. Could the dead be a walking buffet? Lettuce Pray.

Heroes and caffeine

In which the Zombie Radio DJ chats about heroes and caffeine. If you more visually inclined, watch the Heroes and caffeine episode and then watch the DJ off air in the latest Zombie Radio TV!