Post-apocalyptic music genres

In which the DJ ponders possible post-apocalyptic music genres that might rise from the ashes. Featured band is A Skylit Drive and their song Wires And The Concept of Breathing (from the album of the same name). Make sure to Continue reading

A dedication from Bethany Nitshimi

The ONE (Look out Neo), Bethany Nitshimi sends in a request to dedicate a song. You’ll be surprised at who it’s for. Mu. Ha. Ha. Today’s podcast features Eyes Set to Kill and a song from their latest release, Masks. Continue reading

Don’t worry…maybe.

The DJ reflects on a time when we always knew who the bad guy was. Do you know who the bad guy is? Where are they? What are they doing? Listen to the DJ in orgasmotastic-hyper-realistic stereo by click the Continue reading

Was Frankenstein’s Monster a zombie?

The DJ ponders this question after a momentary lapse of reason. And for those survivalists out there, the DJ has a great tip on how you can KISS — keep it simple smartass. For those who’d prefer the auditory lovemaking Continue reading

A taste of Bethany Nitshimi

In which the DJ reads a sample from the blog of Bethany Nitshimi. Note: This is a piece from the first chapter of My Zombie My. Purchase your copy on Amazon. The City of Lights is crawling with the undead Continue reading

Would the eighties have survived the apocalypse?

The Zombie Radio DJ answers this question and then asks if you are Ready For The World. Don’t forget to watch the video of the podcast, with a special Apocalypse Survival Tip following. Or, if you’d just prefer the delicious, Continue reading

The Swedish Chef calls in

That’s right, ladies and gentlement of the Zombie Radio Nation, TVs The Swedish Chef calls in to tell his zombie apocalypse survival story. Can. You. Stand. It? For those of you more inclined for visual stimulation, here’s the video of Continue reading

Apocalyptic Disorders

The Zombie Radio DJ offers up some possible disorders that might arise as a result of the Mengele Virus. Please note: This is, in no way, meant to make light of actual mental and emotional disorders. If you’re more visually Continue reading

A Public Service Announcement from Zombie Radio

Hold on to your butts everyone, the Zombie Radio DJ has some very important information for every survivor of the Mengele Virus. After the podcast, continue watching the video for a new apocalypse survival video tip. It’s time to get Continue reading

The meme’s the thing

The Zombie Radio DJ discusses memes — starting with the meme of all memes — and calls out for people to call in and share a new type of meme…the audio meme. Die So Fluid’s Suck Me Dry, from their Continue reading

The weather outside is…

UNDEAD! The DJ says to keep warm as the Winter storm hits and to be thankful for the miracle of electricity! And for those that just can’t get enough of the Zombie Radio DJ — here’s the video session with Continue reading

The disappearance of hatred

The DJ ponders how small the world has come and how the apocalyptic-inspired shrinkage of the planet has forced us to leave behind the trappings of hatred. Purchase the music by Niyaz (featured in today’s Zombie Radio) from Amazon here. Continue reading

Zombie Cat

Meow! The Zombie Radio DJ ponders why the Mengele Virus hasn’t reached our animal pals.

Apocalyptic equality

The DJ goes off on how the Walking Dead illustrates poor equality between men and women.

Grow Up

One of the most evil words in the English language is adulthood — or so the Zombie Radio DJ says. How has the apocalypse saved us from becoming cogs in the machine of hate? For those more visually inclined, here’s Continue reading

The High Violets

The DJ receives a call from the Reverend Robert Moore as he ponders faith and the evolution of the food chain. Highlighted in today’s podcast is the American Dream Pop band The High Violets.¬†The High Violets were formed in late Continue reading

Zombie Poetry

That’s right, the DJ drops some P-Bombs on the Zombie Radio Nation. Wrap that ascot around your neck and enjoy. For those visually inclined, here is the video version. Prefer the high-quality, stereo-rama, audio version? Click the Play button below.

The circle of unlife

Could Elton John write the song “The Circle of Unlife”? The DJ ponders this and more. Spotlight on Kitty in a Casket’s new hit, Kreepsville 666. Make sure to support Indie artists and purchase a copy of Kitty in a Continue reading

The return of Doubletap Suicide

Rip Vanity returns to announce his upcoming metal festival that promises to kick the Zero Day Collective in the collective junk.