Grow Up

One of the most evil words in the English language is adulthood — or so the Zombie Radio DJ says. How has the apocalypse saved us from becoming cogs in the machine of hate? For those more visually inclined, here’s Continue reading

Zombie Poetry

That’s right, the DJ drops some P-Bombs on the Zombie Radio Nation. Wrap that ascot around your neck and enjoy. For those visually inclined, here is the video version. Prefer the high-quality, stereo-rama, audio version? Click the Play button below.

The circle of unlife

Could Elton John write the song “The Circle of Unlife”? The DJ ponders this and more. Spotlight on Kitty in a Casket’s new hit, Kreepsville 666. Make sure to support Indie artists and purchase a copy of Kitty in a Continue reading

A little faith twerking

The DJ zig zags his way into discussing faith. And for those more visual inclined, below is the GoPro filmed video of said podcast! Enjoy.

Zombie-themed Top Fives

The DJ tosses off some zombie-themed top five lists and gives some love to his favorite holiday, Halloween. And for those who’d prefer the video version, enjoy below!

Was the Apocalypse a good thing?

In which the DJ gets a call proclaiming the apocalypse was the best thing for mankind. Do you agree?

A transformation recorded

A listener sends in a recording of someone transforming into one of the undead. What would you do if you were infected by the Mengele Virus?

The prophet Romero

In which the DJ expounds on the fact that THERE ARE ZOMBIES OUT THERE and maybe the next iteration of man will be mutants.

Making Sense

In which the DJ attempts to wrap his mind around the lyrics of the Cocteau Twins. Sample more of Andrew Thompson’s work here.

First World Problems

In which the DJ rants on about first world problems and how those that suffer from such issues are nothing more than meat for the beasts.

Our “Batman”

The DJ ponders who will be our Batman.

Survival of the dolls

In which the DJ discusses how to survive the apocalypse — and which genre of music is most likely to be there in the end. A special shout out to Aya (from UNSUN) for channeling the Zombie Radio DJ and Continue reading

Top ten silver linings for the apocalypse

That’s right, even the apocalypse has a few silver linings.

The loss of innocence

In which the DJ ponders the idea that childhood no longer exists in the apocalypse.

If you fall

The DJ reminds the audience that, if they fall, there will always be something there to pick you up. Zombie Radio is proud to spotlight Lexington Kentucky’s own, All The Little Pieces. all the little pieces plays experimental rock with Continue reading

It’s a trap!

In which the DJ receives a letter questioning his intent. The bomb the DJ finally drops…should have you up and dancing among the horde.

Where are the heroes?

The DJ ventures outside when he hears a cry for help.

Are we survivors?

The DJ posits the question as to whether or not mankind are truly survivors with the help of a new kitty. The kitty to the right? That is Wooky. She’s not afraid of zombies. Hell no. She laughs in the Continue reading

T-Minus Zero and Rip Vanity

In which the DJ broadcasts an astonishing bit of news and has Rip Vanity announce his upcoming metal fest.

Hell on Earth — for the ignorant

In which the DJ discusses a living hell for the ignorant among us.