My Zombie My

In which the DJ reads an inspiring passage from the Blog of Bethany Nitshimi. Featured in the podcast is a small piece of background music written by Jack Wallen as well as the Caused To Be Alarmed by The Fixx.

A taste of Bethany Nitshimi

In which the DJ reads a sample from the blog of Bethany Nitshimi. Note: This is a piece from the first chapter of My Zombie My. Purchase your copy on Amazon. The City of Lights is crawling with the undead Continue reading

Son of Zombie Poetry!

In which the DJ reads poems by super fans Pauline Soden and Heather Rick.

Dr. Richard Gerand

In which the DJ receives a call from a man directly responsible for the creation of The Mengele Virus.

Bethany Nitshimi, I salute thee

In which the DJ reads from Bethany’s blog. This is the first time I have read from my book My Zombie My. Enjoy.

Our duty

The DJ gets a tragic letter from a listener and calls out to everyone to follow through with their duty to end the suffering of their loved ones, should they become infected. Background music composed and recorded by Kaizen Sharx Continue reading

The Agenda

In which the DJ riffs on the idea of who’s agenda is in control. Who’s agenda do you think sponsored the Apocalypse and the Mengele Virus?

Society and senseless violence

In which the DJ expounds upon societies penchant for senseless, wanton violence. Played in this episode is Samuel Barber’s Adagio for Strings and The Die Nasties “Time Bomb”. The Die Nasties are an awesome rock band from Nashville, Tennessee and Continue reading

12 Days of Christmas

The DJ reminds everyone what the holiday is about — even during the apocalypse. He also shares a very, VERY special version of the 12 Days of Christmas with the Zombie Radio Nation.

Apathy: It’s what’s for dinner

In which the DJ ponders the idea that we are the ones at fault for the zombie apocalypse. Why? In a word — apathy

Our Finest Hour

The DJ ponders the title of the Trendemic song, Our Finest Hour and wonders if the human race has another “finest hour” left. Featured in this episode is the band The Art of Dying and their song Die Trying from Continue reading

Art saving mankind

In this episode, the Zombie Radio DJ expounds on the snapping of mankind’s sanity and how art might be the salvation. He also gets to play a song from a new metal band, Trendemic — which gives him hope that Continue reading

Family and the apocalypse

DJ gets knee-deep into the big funky as he reads missives from listeners crying out for help. And for those that prefer the video version, check it out below!

Population Control

In which the DJ expounds on the idea that the Mengele Virus was truly a form of population control. And for those just dying to watch the DJ in action, here’s the video post of this session.

Everyday is Halloween

In which the DJ ponders the idea that every day is now Halloween!


[Audio clip: view full post to listen] In which the DJ ponders the idea of the Zero Day Collective and clones.