The Suffering And Silence

The DJ takes a moment to read from the Bible of the New World Order — I Zombie I. Listen closely, as silence may be the key to your salvation. Purchase your copy of I Zombie I and dive into Continue reading

The sounds of the apocalypse

The DJ offers up a Public Service Announcement so you, Zombie Radio Nation, can tell the difference between moaners and screamers…by sound alone.

Who would play me in my movie?

The DJ wonders, when the movie of Zombie Radio is made, who would play him?


The DJ gets a surprise audio file from Dr. Lindsay Godwin.

Population Control

In which the DJ expounds on the idea that the Mengele Virus was truly a form of population control. And for those just dying to watch the DJ in action, here’s the video post of this session.


[Audio clip: view full post to listen] In which the DJ ponders the idea of the Zero Day Collective and clones.


[Audio clip: view full post to listen] The DJ reads from Bethany Nitshimi’s blog and expounds on the idea of ‘futility’.

I Zombie I Chapter 15: Chiasmus

Some of our motley little gang didn’t take the news very well. Susan blew up at Godwin for even suggesting the idea. The doctor chased after Susan, most likely to explain the scientific gains from my ‘zombification,’ as Susan was Continue reading