In the Fry of the storm

In which the Zombie Radio DJ makes a major announcement about a possible cure for the Mengele virus!

You are not alone

In which the Zombie Radio DJ reminds all the lovely ladies and gentlemens in the Zombie Radio Nation that they are not now nor every shall be alone.

Baby’s got books

In which the DJ reminds everyone within the apocalyptic landscape their salvation could come in the form of books…yay, books!

Snow to the Nootch!

Has the DJ lost his mind, thanks to the never-ending crush of snow? He may have — but his thoughts on Mother Nature vs. the Zero Day Collective, might bring you a bit of hope.

The Suffering And Silence

The DJ takes a moment to read from the Bible of the New World Order — I Zombie I. Listen closely, as silence may be the key to your salvation. Purchase your copy of I Zombie I and dive into Continue reading


The Zombie Book of the Month Club penned some wonderful Zombie Haiku for the DJ. Listen to him get his poem on in this latest episode of Zombie Poetry!

Laura and her gang of fun!

The DJ gets a call from across the globe — a survivor with a love for life and the desire to make “crazies” smell like Chanel #5.

Merry Science-mas

The DJ addresses yet another wackadoo insisting the Mengele Virus is the product of an angry God. Mu. Ha. Ha.

The sounds of the apocalypse

The DJ offers up a Public Service Announcement so you, Zombie Radio Nation, can tell the difference between moaners and screamers…by sound alone.

The fix for stupid

The DJ ponders if the apocalypse is, indeed, the fix for stupid. This podcast spotlights Rush and their song “Chemistry” (you remember…the class you all failed in high school!) Get your Rush fix on now.

Sexy Sells Nothing

In the apocalypse landscape, the DJ proclaims Sex no longer sells. This episode of Zombie Radio features the awesome band, Tonight Alive and their song The Ocean from The Other Side. Support upcoming bands by purchasing their music and attending Continue reading

Don’t worry…maybe.

The DJ reflects on a time when we always knew who the bad guy was. Do you know who the bad guy is? Where are they? What are they doing? Listen to the DJ in orgasmotastic-hyper-realistic stereo by click the Continue reading

The disappearance of hatred

The DJ ponders how small the world has come and how the apocalyptic-inspired shrinkage of the planet has forced us to leave behind the trappings of hatred. Purchase the music by Niyaz (featured in today’s Zombie Radio) from Amazon here. Continue reading

Grow Up

One of the most evil words in the English language is adulthood — or so the Zombie Radio DJ says. How has the apocalypse saved us from becoming cogs in the machine of hate? For those more visually inclined, here’s Continue reading

Was the Apocalypse a good thing?

In which the DJ gets a call proclaiming the apocalypse was the best thing for mankind. Do you agree?

A transformation recorded

A listener sends in a recording of someone transforming into one of the undead. What would you do if you were infected by the Mengele Virus?

Top ten silver linings for the apocalypse

That’s right, even the apocalypse has a few silver linings.

Are we survivors?

The DJ posits the question as to whether or not mankind are truly survivors with the help of a new kitty. The kitty to the right? That is Wooky. She’s not afraid of zombies. Hell no. She laughs in the Continue reading

Hell on Earth — for the ignorant

In which the DJ discusses a living hell for the ignorant among us.  

Apocalyptic Top Tens

In which the DJ reads off a few top ten lists for the end of the world.