The Dream…perhaps

In which the DJ is caught napping and having a recursive dream. Ah recursion. And donuts.

Rudolph the Undead Reindeer

In which the DJ does something most embarrassing…he sings a classic Christmas tune in the key of apocalypse.

Of all the things I’ve lost…

Of all the things I’ve lost…I miss these things the most. The DJ ponders this very thought.

A brief reading from Fry Zombie Fry

In which the DJ reads a special passage from Fry Zombie Fry.

In the Fry of the storm

In which the Zombie Radio DJ makes a major announcement about a possible cure for the Mengele virus!

New Year, Same Fear

In which the DJ goes off on why the New Years celebration is no longer relevant and how it is time for us to stand up and take back the power.

Humanity Lost

The DJ issues a threat to the Zero Day Collective and plays a very special request. This episode features the song “Open Water” by Bless The Fall, from their album Hollow Bodies.

The great one, Bethani Nitshimi, calls in

The DJ gets a surprise call from she who would be queen of the Apocalypse. A gigantic thank you to the awesome author, Thea Gregory, for giving life to the voice of Bethany! Featured in today’s episode is the Horropops Continue reading

My Zombie My

In which the DJ reads an inspiring passage from the Blog of Bethany Nitshimi. Featured in the podcast is a small piece of background music written by Jack Wallen as well as the Caused To Be Alarmed by The Fixx.

A dedication from Bethany Nitshimi

The ONE (Look out Neo), Bethany Nitshimi sends in a request to dedicate a song. You’ll be surprised at who it’s for. Mu. Ha. Ha. Today’s podcast features Eyes Set to Kill and a song from their latest release, Masks. Continue reading

A taste of Bethany Nitshimi

In which the DJ reads a sample from the blog of Bethany Nitshimi. Note: This is a piece from the first chapter of My Zombie My. Purchase your copy on Amazon. The City of Lights is crawling with the undead Continue reading

A Public Service Announcement from Zombie Radio

Hold on to your butts everyone, the Zombie Radio DJ has some very important information for every survivor of the Mengele Virus. After the podcast, continue watching the video for a new apocalypse survival video tip. It’s time to get Continue reading

Twas the Night Before Crimmus

The Zombie Radio DJ whips up a poem to the “tune” of Twas the Night Before Christmas. Zombie Radio Style! To the Zombie Radio Nation — I wish you the happiest of holidays. May your life be filled with light Continue reading

Our “Batman”

The DJ ponders who will be our Batman.

Who would play me in my movie?

The DJ wonders, when the movie of Zombie Radio is made, who would play him?


The DJ gets a surprise audio file from Dr. Lindsay Godwin.

Dr. Richard Gerand

In which the DJ receives a call from a man directly responsible for the creation of The Mengele Virus.

Last cup of coffee

In which the DJ deals with certain doom.

Bethany Nitshimi, I salute thee

In which the DJ reads from Bethany’s blog. This is the first time I have read from my book My Zombie My. Enjoy.

Apathy: It’s what’s for dinner

In which the DJ ponders the idea that we are the ones at fault for the zombie apocalypse. Why? In a word — apathy