In which the DJ whisks you off to your secret safe space so that you might survive the apocalyptic nightmare.  

Your Secret Safe Space

In which the DJ takes a moment to enjoy the fact that the apocalypse has wiped the political slate clean.  

The Deciderer

In which the DJ receives a new song, thus proving the Zero Day Collective cannot take down the human soul and heart. Find out more about As Ashes here.  

New Music Huzzah

In which the DJ dives into a dark abyss of Christmas un-cheer…but eventually pulls out to save your freakin’ holiday! MU! HO! HO!  


In which the DJ dons his black beret and beats the crap out of the 12 Days of Christmas. Beat by¬†  

A Very Beatnik Christmas

In which the DJ ponders his hatred for winter…especially of an apocalyptic nature!  

Ol’ Man Winter

In which the DJ finds a chocolate pudding and nearly comes out of his pants in anticipation of dining on the delectable treat.  

It’s Pudding Time

In which the DJ reminds us that hatred can no longer hide in the shadows.  

No more hiding hate

In which the DJ suffers a rare moment of not being able to continue on.  

Don’t Quit Me Now

In which the DJ reads a few glorious poems! A big thanks to Scott Michael Josephus, Alina Maria Ionescu, and Ken McGregor.  

A Breath of Fetid Poetry

In which the DJ wonders how much longer before human is the other white meat.  

Cannibal Is In

In which the DJ unwittingly offers up a subtle Trumpku for the Zombie Radio Nation  

All The Words

In which the DJ wonders why we can’t have nice things…like in a Star Trekian Utopia.  

Utopia On My Mind