In which the DJ answers the question, “What would you do with a time machine?”  

Time Trav’lin’

In which the DJ discusses the Russian broadcast of “The Buzzer”. Could UVB-76 be the cause of the zombie apocalypse?  

The Buzzer

In which the Zombie Radio DJ believes we must, every so often, regress back to our younger mindset in order to survive the new world order.  

Regress for Success

In which the Zombie Radio DJ mind dumps about the evolution of the undead.  

Devolved evolution

In which the Zombie Radio DJ talks about why vegetarianism is the best choice for the apocalypse and why you should plant a garden.  

Plant Your ZPoc Garden

In which the DJ goes off on the maddest of all creatures.  

Mad Hatters

In which the DJ gets a call from a squatch hunter with a disturbing observation he’s made of the undead.  

Squatch Call

In which the DJ finds yet another silver lining to come out of the apocalypse. Fancy that!  

Another Silver Lining

In which the DJ offers a Public Service Announcement for saving the zombies…by challenging everyone to exercise their brains.  

Brainless Brains