In which the DJ proposes a new game that could well save us all from the gaping maw of the undead.  

Let’s Play A Game

In which the DJ goes off on the idea of radicalization and what it now means in the face of the apocalypse.  

Radical-ized Humanity

In which the DJ reminds us that the undead come in every color, every race, every sexuality…and, at their core, they only want one thing.  

Zombies From All Walks of Life

In which the DJ reads the Declaration of Independence and ponders the idea that we will need to think globally when the dust settles.  

A New World Independence

In which the DJ is overcome with the spirit of Elvis and makes a promise to the Zero Day Collective. That’s right…Elvis.  

Elvis has left the apocalypse

In which the DJ receives a letter from an abused woman who let the apocalypse save her life.  

The abuse stops now

In which the DJ gets a phone call from The Last Casket and everyone’s favorite proprietor from the Great White North…Toque.  

From Toque, with love

In which the DJ wonders what post-apocalyptic therapy will be like. Mu. Ha. AHHHHHHHH!  


In which the DJ finds the silver lining hiding within the filthy, dank cloud of the apocalypse.  

The silver lining

In which the DJ receives a call that takes a slightly unexpected turn.  

A Change of Heart

In which the DJ hears a rap, rap, rapping at his door. This episode of Zombie Radio features the Louisville death metal band,┬áSadistic Creator.  

Death of an Undead Salesman

In which the DJ reminds us we cannot become complacent in the face of the apocalypse.  

The Big Bad

In which the DJ does a spot of role playing as he wonders what it would be like if a zombie attached an Irishman.  

The Unluck Of The Irish

In which the DJ ponders a sexy, sexy topic…Fetishes. Yum.  

Fetish du Jour